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Can relaxing help with Picky Eaters?

Can relaxing really help with picky eaters?  Yes, it can!  I shared my top 4 tips to help with Picky Eaters on our local Fox station last week. My number 1 tip – Relax. Why? Because kids pick up on our stress.  Truth is, you are the number 1 influence over your children.  Just understanding that can help you relax.  ... [Keep Reading]

Get your hair messy!

I had a facial this week. Yes, I do love me some self care. Remember, we nourish ourselves in many ways – not just by the food we eat. But, what does getting your hair messy have to do with life, nutrition, parenting and finding joy?  Well, I had a realization that I wanted to share with you. ... [Keep Reading]

Is Picky Eating a Mental Disorder?

From what I read on yesterday, the term Picky Eater may now be obsolete. Researchers suggest this psychiatric condition might be better described as Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). Really?  Who wants to bet that there will be a medication offered soon for this “condition?” Good golly. Now, I know that some children are more sensitive to texture and smells.  ... [Keep Reading]

Recipe Challenge Day 3 – Pizza

We seem to have an Italian theme going this week.  A “cleaned up” pizza recipe was requested by Christy Lahr.  Thank you Christy! I thought about this one for a while.  Of course there are a ton of ways to switch up pizza toppings.  I personally love pizza nights.  I like to have several toppings out and encourage ... [Keep Reading]