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Recipe Challenge Day 3 – Pizza

We seem to have an Italian theme going this week.  A “cleaned up” pizza recipe was requested by Christy Lahr.  Thank you Christy! I thought about this one for a while.  Of course there are a ton of ways to switch up pizza toppings.  I personally love pizza nights.  I like to have several toppings out and encourage ... [Keep Reading]

Recipe Challenge Day 2 – Lasagna

Today’s request was sent in by Mary Silagy.  Mary wanted an updated version of Lasagna. I decided to switch out lasagna noodles for sliced eggplant.  This recipe is meatless, but with the addition of the mushrooms, the meat is not missed.  I also decided to add in spinach. We are pulling out the slow cooker on ... [Keep Reading]

Shopping & Recipe Challenges – I’ve got this!

Who am I to back down from a challenge?  Shopping & Recipe Challenges – I’ve got this!  I have been having a blast with our local Fox News Station and I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy the work/play I’ve been putting into it. First up – Meal Planning.  You know how I feel about that.  It’s a must.  ... [Keep Reading]

Healthy Snack Ideas

Kids are home for summer and you need more healthy snack ideas…right? Before we jump to those healthy snack ideas, I wanted to tell you about my morning.  I met with a reporter who wants to bring more clean eating information to our community.  We shopped together at the local supermarket and discussed feeding a family of 4 on a ... [Keep Reading]