Cleansing Chocolate Mousse

Did I just say Chocolate Mousse was cleansing?  Are you cheering or laughing?  Either way - I want to make you happy with this good news.  Cleansing is all about clean ingredients. Our first call of The Renew Cleanse is this Friday.  I sure hope to hear your voice on the line.  I'm going to share the ins and outs of cleansing, you will receive over 60 delicious recipes and I'm going to support you for 21 days as you change your taste buds, improve your health, increase you energy and get ... [Keep Reading]

Cleansing with Rosemary Mushroom Steaks & Gravy {video}


Happy Friday!  Here is the second video in our FREE three part Renew Cleanse recipes.  Why am I sharing Renew recipes for free?  Because I want to show you what cleansing really looks like.  Deprivation - nope! Only celery & carrot sticks - heck no! This food is delicious, nutritious and easy to make. Our first call for the cleanse is May 29th and June 1st we start.  I hope you join us. I received a surprise Facebook message I wanted to share with you.  I removed her name, but she ... [Keep Reading]

Cleansing with Creamy Tomato Soup {video}


Summer is almost here!  I hope you are enjoying the sun and the warmer weather.  Memorial Day is upon us in the US, and for most that marks the beginning of summer.  Are you ready? I enjoy every season, but spring and summer are my favorite when it comes to food.  There is such an abundance of fresh, juicy produce.  I believe in listening to the wisdom of Mother Earth and following her lead on what we should be eating.  What that means is that our bodies have different needs in each season.  ... [Keep Reading]

Presentation is everything


Presentation is everything - right?  Maybe not, but it certainly helps.  Whether we are talking food, clothes or gifts - pretty packages can be more appealing.  Today I'm sharing tips on how to get your kiddos to eat more fruit and veggies. Make it fun! Kiddos love fun.  What can you do to make food more fun?  I share a ton of tips on that in the STOP the Overwhelm program, but one tip you can start using right away, is making food into fun shapes.  Take out the old cookie cutters (or ... [Keep Reading]