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Meet Stephanie

Change your food, Change your life


Hi, I’m Stephanie The Founder of

I’m so happy that you are here. I love to share Simple, Healthy Solutions with
you through my blogs, videos and programs to make your life easier
and your food both healthy and delicious!

My Story

At 40 years old, I found myself 50 pounds overweight and on heart medication and anti-depressants. I was living a hurried, not so joyful life. And as far as food went, it just needed to be fast, easy and convenient. That fast paced life did not leave much time for family connection or true nourishment.

My father passed away when he was 39 years old from heart disease. My mother passed away a few years ago from complications with diabetes and high blood pressure.

I realized that was where I was headed and I also realized that is what I was setting my children up for.

Ironically, I did not know the first thing about nutrition. I did know a thing or two about dieting, but little about health. I knew how to use my microwave pretty well, but rarely cooked a meal that did not come out of a box or can. I was confused by all of the mixed messages about nutrition and thought that I had little control over my weight, my stress level or just about anything else in life.

But, my life is so different now.

I lost those 50 lbs, no longer need any medication and gained energy, vitality and clarity. I started living again! I went back to school, changed careers and founded The Nutrition Mom. I realized that I am fully in control of my choices and I was able to change the direction of my entire family.

I’ve become a Media Food & Lifestyle expert and I’ve been able to help women all over the world change their lives for the better. My goals are to encourage, inspire, motivate and add in some fun! Food should not be so complicated and life does not have to be so serious. 🙂

I have made a commitment to myself,
to my family and to YOU.

If you are ready for a new approach to health – one without
deprivation, one that adds fun and family connection in with a mix of easy
recipes – you are in the right place!

  • - Sandi D.

    I would recommend Stephanie’s programs to anyone. She really does makes it fun and delicious.

    I started attending The Nutrition Mom’s class to try to get a better grasp of how I could eat better. I am in my late 50’s and the sluggish, older woman phase was here. I was concerned that this was going to be an all raw, vegan experience and thought I can’t do this. But it wasn’t. I slowly and steadily have been making changes with the foods I eat and know what I am eating now. I participated in the Renew Cleanse also.  I lost weight, felt better, and my running even improved (I am a distance runner).
    - Jessi V.

    The Clean Eating classes I took with Stephanie made the daunting task of eating healthier so much easier and even fun!

    Simple meal ideas and discovering healthier ingredient substitutions made it easy not to even think twice about my go to boxed and processed foods I would normally pick out at the store. After switching my eating habits I felt so much healthier and even started getting my morning buzz from a green smoothie rather than a pricey cup of coffee. Over a year later and I’m still caffeine free with no withdrawal headaches that were normal one year ago. I’d definitely recommend the program!
    - Ginger S.

    I was so excited to see my boys trying new foods!

    When I began working with Stephanie, I had two picky eaters and had gotten off track with my former healthy eating. I had let the stress of life take over and settled into many bad habits. Through her Clean Eating classes, her Real Food Reference Guide and our one on one counseling, I got back on tract. I learned to take care of myself once again and also learned strategies to get my kids more involved. I made great strides in my family’s overall health by working with Stephanie and I am forever grateful.
    - Kim I.

    My husband is down 15 lbs. in 3 weeks.

    I was super impressed with the recipes & the privacy of the Renew Cleanse page. My final weight loss was 9 lbs in 3 weeks. I can totally feel the difference with my mood and digestive track. I realize now how real fruit & veggies, no caffeine, no excess sugars or processed foods change the way you feel. It’s amazing the difference between going on a “diet” and just eating healthy nutritious food God gave us.
    - Diane L.

    We followed Stephanie’s suggestions and we were soon trying new recipes, having a little fun and appreciating colors and flavors in a whole new way.

    Working with Stephanie really helped us as a family. After doing the Renew Cleanse for myself, I knew I needed more help with my family. My daughter was a grazer who was texture sensitive. My son also needed to add more variety into his diet. We began to create new healthier habits – and these habits have continued on for us. Stephanie is so gifted at making meal planning fun and easy for the entire family!
    - Stacey C., Founder of
    Positively Kids

    I broke all of my bad food habits that had weighed me down for so many years.

    The Renew Cleanse has done so much for me and my family. I completed the cleanse about a month ago and have really transformed my eating. I actually didn’t even enjoy vegetables prior to the cleanse. I now LOVE vegetables, I can’t get enough of them. I am getting my family on board too! My kids no longer eat processed foods 95% of the time. What a wonderful experience, and Stephanie is really an amazing food coach. Good luck to all of the new cleansers! You will get a whole new relationship with food.
    - Cici C.

    Stephanie helped me to take an already good food lifestyle and turn it to a GREAT food lifestyle.

    The information and changes that I incorporated, not only helped me look and feel great, but also helped reframe my thinking and my family’s thinking for long term changes. My 9 year old even started educating his friends about clean eating!
    - Eila J.

    Busy moms feel excited and empowered about their journey toward better health.

    I thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephanie. She is a wealth of information, and has an upbeat, approachable manner. Prior to partaking in the Renew Cleanse I had a very limited knowledge of raw foods. I found her recipes to be both simple to prepare and absolutely delicious! Long after the Renew cleanse ended, I am still preparing these recipes for my family to rave reviews!
    - Mary S.

    I’ve lost those stubborn 15 pounds.

    I am so grateful to have been a part of your summer cleanse program. I’ve continued using the tools you shared — meal planning, self-care, delicious raw recipes — and am happy to say that I’m still feeling great! So one of the many blessings in my life for which I’m grateful is you!
    - Erica M.

    Stephanie has given our family one of the greatest gifts: the knowledge to invest in our health.

    Her clean eating program has given us awareness, the ability to make healthy choices while shopping, and the recipes and kitchen tools she has shared are invaluable. Thanks to Stephanie, my little one still enjoys drinking green smoothies with her mama!
    - Patricia L., ABC News
    – KTRK Houston

    I followed Stephanie’s Renew Cleanse for 21 days and lost most of my pregnancy weight!

    I followed Stephanie’s Renew Cleanse program for 21 days while I was on pregnancy leave. I am happy to report that at 12 weeks post partum, before I returned to work – I was only 5 pounds from my goal!
    - Julie C.

    I have so much more energy to keep up with my 5 kids!

    When I found out about the Renew Cleanse, I jumped on board without hesitation. It was just what I needed to get out of my rut. I’ve done diets and cleanses before, but this was by far the easiest “lifestyle change” that I’ve made for myself. I’ve lost 14 pounds and look and feel much better. My family has noticed my changes and wants to start eating healthier too. I loved the support on the Facebook Renew Cleanse page. Thank you Stephanie for all of your support in helping me make healthier choices for our whole family!

Short Bio

For Media Use

Stephanie Merchant is a Food & Lifestyle expert, author, speaker and founder of The Nutrition Mom. She offers Simple – Healthy – Solutions to busy families. Her real life, real food approach has garnered her a world-wide following and extensive media attention. Stephanie offers online programs created for busy schedules focused on Clean Eating, Picky Eaters and Cleansing.

Stephanie’s Nutrition Mom Community is a growing group of Moms who are making healthy happen in their homes . Her first book, Chocolate Indulgence, Simple Healthy Recipes for All Occasions is an Amazon Best Seller.

Stephanie enjoys sharing her message that it is never too late for a new beginning and that food should not be so complicated and life should not be so serious. She is bringing fun and family connection back around the dinner table. Stephanie enjoys working with health focused brands. To learn more visit

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