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Special Occasion Food

It’s January and if I had to guess, I’d say most of us are trying to recover from the Holidays and are probably watching what we are eating a bit more closely.

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter’s Sweet 16 Birthday. With these 2 topics (January goals and a birthday celebration), I thought I’d touch on the subject of special occasion food vs. all occasion food.

Now special occasion food can get a bit tricky. But, I think this is an important subject to cover with your kiddos.  I remember when my girls took dance and they would come out of every class with a lollipop given to them by the teacher. I would go to my bank’s drive thru to make a deposit and with my receipt would come a piece of candy for the kids. My dentist office has chocolate chip cookies in the waiting room.  You get the picture and I’m sure you deal with this daily as well.  All of those offers are in good will, but are just not needed. My kids were just as happy to get a sticker.

Now on to special occasion food.  I hate food guilt.  I really do. Even when I ate my cleanest, I wanted to be able to enjoy a treat guilt free. Although I did struggle with that a tad bit (I’ll leave that for another blog).

Back to the Sweet 16 celebration – and the cake.  I had to share this lovely work of art with you. The colors were selected by my daughter, but look at that detail. So elegant and beautiful – and delicious too!

When you want to enjoy a special occasion treat – make it special!  No eating out of a carton and no eating in the car.  If you want to make it REALLY special, I highly recommend you contact Nancy’s Cake Designs.  They can turn your vision into a reality.  Tell them The Nutrition Mom sent you over – and make sure to enjoy every bite!


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