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My favorite healthy snacks

I like to highlight some of my store bought favorites from time to time.  Of course, we know everything is healthier if we make it ourselves, but come on, I live in the real world with you. Sometimes we just need to know some healthy items that we can simply purchase at the store. Here are a few of my favorite healthy snacks.

I love dried fruit.  You can watch this video I made showing you two of my homemade favorites (pineapple and apple chips), but I have found a new love at Costco. It’s dried Mangoes. They are organic, non GMO and have no sugar added!  Perfection.  These babies are goooood!

I also enjoy raw nuts and seeds.  I like to snack on them by themselves, but I also make granola and cereal with them.  You can watch those recipe videos here and here.  Tip – If I eat walnuts with a banana, it really does taste like I’m eating banana bread!  No lie!

Grab & go salads keep getting better and better.  These single serve salads even come with a fork inside. This Organic Three Bean salad is my new favorite. 

Like Kale Chips, but don’t have the time to make them? Yep, you can buy those too! However, if you do want to make them, I walk you through that in this video.

Speaking of chips, here is another family favorite, Black Bean Beanitos.  Eat these with a little fresh salsa, MMMM good!

Nothing is faster or healthier than fresh fruit.  Grab an apple and add a little almond butter. It really is the perfect mix.

Want more healthy store bought snack ideas? Check out this video I made highlighting 6 more of my favorites.

Let me know what you are snacking on.  Comment below with your healthy favorites.  I’d love to hear from you.

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