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Houston Life & One Pot Meals

I was excited to join Houston's newest TV show, Houston Life, to share the story behind The Nutrition Mom and to share ideas for One Pot Meals. Have you heard of Houston Life? It's Houston's version of the Today Show. It is filmed at a studio/storefront located in the Galleria next to Nordstrom.  Shoppers can actually stop and watch the show as it is being filmed live. I love that concept. I was asked to come in and talk about One Pot Meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So, what does ... [Keep Reading]

Summer Watermelon Recipes

Yesterday was the first official day of summer.  This morning I shared my favorite summer watermelon recipes on Fox 26.  In this Houston heat, nothing is more refreshing, hydrating, sweet or healthy.  I just love cool watermelon on a hot day. 1 – Watermelon juice fresh or frozen - No juicer needed.  Just place cut up watermelon in a blender (I like to add a sprig of fresh mint as well).  Drink as is or put in a Popsicle mold to freeze and enjoy later.  Note - these two options are perfect for ... [Keep Reading]

Would you serve your kids Twinkies for breakfast?

Would you serve your kids Twinkies for breakfast?  I know the answer to that.  But, I was shocked to find out that the sugar content of some of the most popular cereals for kids contain MORE sugar than a Twinkie.  Some kiddos are getting the recommended daily allowance for sugar in their breakfast bowl!  No wonder they are having problems sitting still in school and diabetes is on the rise. Today is National Cereal Day.  No better time to discuss this issue. Listen, I grew up eating cereal ... [Keep Reading]

How to get your kids to enjoy Green Smoothies

By now, you know of my love for green smoothies.  Maybe you love them too.  But what about your kids?  Today I want to share some tips on saving time, adding variety (you don't just have to drink them) and how to get your kids to enjoy green smoothies too. Last time I was on Fox 26, I discussed why I prefer smoothies over juicing and shared my most requested recipes.  You can watch that here. Time Savers - First up I want to share time savers with you.  Starting your morning off with a ... [Keep Reading]