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Save Time, Save Money, Shop Healthy

I am always keeping an eye out on how to save time, save money and shop healthy. I feel it's my Nutrition Mom duty to share my findings with you too.  I'm super excited to do that today! Grocery shopping is a must.  It's really hard to get around the need for food.  LOL. But, what we think will be a fast trip, often takes longer, costs more money and the items brought home don't always fall under our healthy shopping list.  Look, I know.  It happens to me too - usually when I bring my kids ... [Keep Reading]

Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is here!  It's time to send some love (and a cute gift) to our teachers. This morning on Fox 26, I shared some cake ideas.  But, these cakes are a little different.  They are made entirely out of school supplies. It's a fun craft and an incredibly useful gift.  Teachers usually end up spending some of their own money on school supplies for their classroom.  Imagine how happy your teacher will be to see your useful, creative, zero calorie cake! The first rule in ... [Keep Reading]

Be Brave! I’ll tell you how.

Don't let fear stop you from moving forward. Be brave! I'll tell you how.  Does fear ever stop you from moving forward?  It is often said that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart.  Boy, have I learned the truth in that.  But, come on - parenting, being married, working for a corporation, going back to school, being a stay at home mom, changing careers, taking a stand on what you believe in - none of that is for the faint of heart.  We are called to be brave everyday. But, ... [Keep Reading]

A new way to keep your smoothies fresh!

Have you ever seen a new product and thought, that is brilliant, wish I would have thought of that! That's exactly what I did recently.  I LOVE this new product and I think you will too.  I wanted to learn more about it and about the woman behind the idea, so I'm happy to introduce you to Tracy Miller. Tracy is the CEO of SANS Air and the creator of the SANS Air Juice and Smoothie Preserving Travel Bottle. I sat down with Tracy to learn more about her, what inspired her idea (you will ... [Keep Reading]