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My favorite healthy snacks

I like to highlight some of my store bought favorites from time to time.  Of course, we know everything is healthier if we make it ourselves, but come on, I live in the real world with you. Sometimes we just need to know some healthy items that we can simply purchase at the store. Here are a few of my favorite healthy snacks. I love dried fruit.  You can watch this video I made showing you two of my homemade favorites (pineapple and apple chips), but I have found a new love at Costco. It's ... [Keep Reading]

It’s time for Christmas Crafts!

We are almost into December - and it's time for Christmas Crafts!  Our days are about to get very full with events, decorating, cooking and fun.  It is, is my opinion, the most wonderful time of the year. I wanted to share some highlights from Christmas past to help you with party planning and just some good old family fun. Whether you want to decorate for a party or just want to have some fun in the kitchen with your kids - check out these easy ideas to start your Holly Jolly season! 1 ... [Keep Reading]

Houston Life & One Pot Meals

I was excited to join Houston's newest TV show, Houston Life, to share the story behind The Nutrition Mom and to share ideas for One Pot Meals. Have you heard of Houston Life? It's Houston's version of the Today Show. It is filmed at a studio/storefront located in the Galleria next to Nordstrom.  Shoppers can actually stop and watch the show as it is being filmed live. I love that concept. I was asked to come in and talk about One Pot Meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So, what does ... [Keep Reading]

Healthy Halloween Tips & Tricks

I spy candy everywhere.  It must be time for my annual Healthy Halloween Tips & Tricks. The weather is getting cooler, my kids already have their  Halloween outfits and we are about to enter the candy zone.  Be afraid, very afraid - nah, you don't have to be afraid.  Halloween is such a fun time to introduce new foods (especially to picky eaters) and have fun in the kitchen with your kids. I wanted to share my Healthy Halloween news segment to help you start planning for parties, ... [Keep Reading]