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Clean Eating Made Easy

There are so many mixed messages about “clean eating.”

Join me in my kitchen as we break it all down for you in this workshop. You will know what to add in, what to leave out – and why. You’ll make clean eating come alive in your kitchen with quick, easy and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We’ll talk ingredients, what to look for on labels, when organics are really needed and how to add a little fun and love into your meals – all without spending hours over the stove or at the supermarket.

This workshop is the perfect place to begin your journey or to give you a refresher as you begin to truly understand the importance of food choices and how to make the transition to clean eating easy and enjoyable.

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Topics include:

  • Clean Eating: what is it and why is it important?
  • How to take your current favorite recipes and give them a clean eating update.
  • How to clean up your pantry one ingredient at a time.
  • What brands to look for in the supermarket.
  • How even a 3rd grader can help the family make cleaner choices.
  • Tips & tricks for saving effort and time with new recipes.


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Erica testimonialStephanie has given our family one of the greatest gifts: the knowledge to invest in our health. Her clean eating program has given us awareness, the ability to make healthy choices while shopping, and the recipes and kitchen tools she has shared are invaluable. Thanks to Stephanie, my little one still enjoys drinking green smoothies with her mama!

~ Erica M.


CiCi testimonialStephanie helped me to take an already good food lifestyle and turn it to a GREAT food lifestyle. The information and changes that I incorporated, not only helped me look and feel great, but also helped reframe my thinking and my family’s thinking for long term changes. My 9 year old even started educating his friends about clean eating!

 ~ CiCi C.

Included in course registration:

  • 5 real-time instructional videos walking you through the what, why & how of clean eating.
  • Video-based instruction on six recipes covering breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • The Clean Eating Substitutions chart.
  • The “Real Food Reference Guide” downloadable/printable PDF booklet offering additional detailed information to set you up for complete success.
  • 7 Day-Meal plan in addition to the recipes covered in the videos.
  • Separate handouts with additional videos links, recipes and resources for each video.
  • 24/7 ongoing access to all course materials to watch/read over and over again until you have perfected your skills and knowledge.
  • A community of supportive health-inspired Moms from around the world.



Join Stephanie in her kitchen as she shares Simple Healthy Solutions that will work to move your family forward. And best of all, the courses are available for immediate viewing. Each session includes Stephanie on video presenting her material along with recipe demos, handouts, resources and more all created with your success in mind.


These are self-paced courses…you take the courses at your own speed. Log in and out when it is convenient for you. Complete the sessions at your own pace with easy access 24 hours a day 7 days a week with lifetime access.


The only requirements are:

  1. High-Speed Internet
  2. An up-to-date web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  3. Flash Player 9 or higher. You can download Adobe Flash Player here, if you don’t already have it installed (if you can already play YouTube videos, you are all set).


Jessi testimonialThe Clean Eating classes I took with Stephanie made the daunting task of eating healthier so much easier and even fun! Simple meal ideas and discovering healthier ingredient substitutions made it easy not to even think twice about my go to boxed and processed foods I would normally pick out at the store. After switching my eating habits I felt so much healthier and even started getting my morning buzz from a green smoothie rather than a pricey cup of coffee. Over a year later and I’m still caffeine free with no withdrawal headaches that were normal one year ago. I’d definitely recommend the program!

~ Jessi V.


Sandi testimonialI would recommend Stephanie’s programs to anyone. She really does makes it fun and delicious. I started attending The Nutrition Mom’s class to try to get a better grasp of how I could eat better. I am in my late 50’s and the sluggish, older woman phase was here. I was concerned that this was going to be an all raw, vegan experience and thought I can’t do this. But it wasn’t. I slowly and steadily have been making changes with the foods I eat and know what I am eating now. I participated in the Renew Cleanse also.  I lost weight, felt better, and my running even improved (I am a distance runner). 

 ~ Sandi D.


Get immediate access to this online course, available 24/7!

COST: $59.99


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Additional Notes:

  • This course is 100% digital. Nothing will be mailed to you.
  • The 7-day meal plan is dairy-free and gluten-free, but ingredients are easily swapped so this should not limit you, if that is not your goal.  Clean choices discussed in this workshop will include grains, dairy and meat.
  • Your purchase is non-refundable. Please see our terms and conditions.