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“I feel the best that I have ever felt, and I am on chemo.”

Cecily H., Owner Humble Area Adventure Bootcamp


“I have discovered a new me.”

mccoytracy  I am not a Mom in the traditional sense, although I hope to be one day. I started the 3 month program with The Nutrition Mom to open the door to better health and to gain clarity in what was important for me at this time in my life. I had been trying to conceive for almost 2 years and in doing so had been spinning my wheels as to why I had not been successful. The emotions that come with this process are painful and I realized that I had not been taking care of myself as best I could. Stephanie made everything so simple. I was familiar with good foods and eating practices, but she helped expand that knowledge through the goals that I setup for myself. When she says that “It all starts with food” that is an understatement. That was just the baseline of what we worked on. Once I started making better choices, and after going through one of her cleanses, I gained the peace, clarity, and the surety of where I want to be and how closely food relates to our daily, physical, and mental environment. I am so thankful to have worked with Stephanie. If I had not gone through this process I would be in the same place I was, but with her support, I have discovered a “new me.”

Tracy M.


“I feel less stressed and overwhelmed.”

vickieAs a business owner, busy wife and mother of 8 and 10 year olds, I found myself very disorganized, overwhelmed and unfocused. My journey actually started 6 years ago when I decided to take a more holistic approach to heal my body and improve my health after being diagnosed with an auto immune disorder. My health has greatly improved to the point I’m not on medication and I’m no longer sick, which is awesome. However, I was having trouble balancing my business life and family which began to have a direct impact on my health. That’s when I decided to join the six month health coaching program with “The Nutrition Mom” Stephanie.

I love the bio individuality approach that is used in the program to help set up goals in the most important areas such as food and lifestyle. I also loved the encouragement and support I got from Stephanie, she has been such an inspiration for me to continue down the path of living a healthy and happy life style.

Stephanie helped me take action steps to figure out which areas I needed help with the most. For me, it was time management, self care and finding time to exercise. We also focused on ideas for healthy meal planning. Once I was able to set my goals and take the necessary action steps, I began to notice I was making improvements in those areas.

Today, I feel less stressed and overwhelmed with my daily routine as I have laid down the essential building blocks to help me continue to make improvements to balance my family and business life. Thank you so much Stephanie, you’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know!

Vickie R.


“…busy moms feel excited and empowered about their journey toward better health.”

eliaI thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephanie. She is a wealth of information, and her upbeat, approachable manner makes all busy moms feel excited and empowered about their journey toward better health. Prior to partaking in the Renew Cleanse I had a very limited knowledge of raw foods. I found her recipes to be both simple to prepare and absolutely delicious! Long after the Renew cleanse ended, I am still preparing these recipes for my family to rave reviews!

Eila J., Author of the Full Plate Blog



julie“I have so much more energy to keep up with my 5 kids.”

When I found out about the Renew Cleanse, I jumped on board without hesitation. It was just what I needed to get out of my rut. I’ve done diets and cleanses before, but this was by far the easiest “lifestyle change” that I’ve made for myself. I’ve lost 14 pounds and look and feel much better. I have so much more energy to keep up with my 5 kids. My family has noticed my changes and wants to start eating healthier too. I loved the support on the Facebook Renew Cleanse page. Thank you Stephanie for all of your support in helping me make healthier choices for our whole family!

Julie C.


debbie“The cost of the program was minimal compared to the investment I have made in my health.”

In my busy lifestyle working 10-hr-days and being involved in church activities, exercise and healthy eating have been a challenge. Fast food lunches were quick and easy options (so I thought). When I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and diabetes, my doctor advised me to remove sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, and eggs from my diet. I was overwhelmed and at a total loss as to how to go about changing my eating habits.

I attended a class where Stephanie prepared desserts without gluten, dairy, eggs or added sugar. Her class was so helpful, that I took advantage of her complimentary consultation. I was convinced that she could help, and I signed up for her health coaching.

That was a life changing decision. My sugar went from 133 to 96 and continues to be below 100. I have more energy and feel that my brain is not as foggy. My skeptical husband recently told me that he wants to do what I’m doing. That is a HUGE victory!

The cost of the program was minimal compare to the investment I have made in my health.

Debbie T.



“I broke all of my bad food habits that had weighed me down for so many years.”

staceyThe Renew Cleanse has done so much for me and my family. I completed the cleanse about a month ago and have really transformed my eating. I actually didn’t even enjoy vegetables prior to the cleanse. I now LOVE vegetables, I can’t get enough of them. I am getting my family on board too! My kids no longer eat processed foods 95% of the time. What a wonderful experience, and Stephanie is really an amazing food coach. I finally broke all of my bad food habits that had weighed me down for so many years. Good luck to all of the new cleansers! You will get a whole new relationship with food.

Stacey C., Founder of Positively Kids


“You will learn a lot, come out refreshed and without a doubt have a new perspective on life.”


I signed up with “The Nutrition Mom” because of the wonderful vibes and her positive attitude and also because I loved the way her focus is the whole person as in mind and body and not the issue by itself.

I truly enjoyed Stephanie’s program as it gave me the tools on how to get started, how to incorporate it in my daily life, there was never any pressure, she kept everything simple and accessible. The communication and support were fantastic.

As a result, my entire family has incorporated more healthy foods in our meals. My 7 year old even “steals” raw broccoli from my plate!! And there is more, I found “The Nutrition Mom” to be such an inspiration for a healthier and happier life, I decided to walk in her footsteps and enrolled with Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I highly recommend working with Stephanie, you will learn a lot, come out refreshed and without a doubt have a new perspective on life.

Christine I., Future Health Coach



“This has changed my relationship with food.”

dianeI have learned a lot about my body and the effect that food has on it as a result of working with Stephanie. I have experienced a feeling of lightness, achy joints are gone, no cravings for sugar or carbs, and I have great energy and positive attitude. I have been so impressed by the support, the resources and Stephanie’s encouraging coaching style. This has changed my relationship with food. A happy, happy client!

Diane L., Entrepreneur



“I have much more clarity, focus and sense of well-being.”

cindyThanks Stephanie for putting into place a wonderful support system with great tips for getting on track with our food!  I feel lighter in my body and in my brain. I have much more clarity, focus and sense of well-being. I have decidedly more energy!  I am looking forward to staying in touch with this great group, meeting more people and learning how other people are benefitting from your programs. Your energy is contagious and will ripple through my own coaching practice.

Cindy M., Soaring Life Coaching




jodi“I am buying great food and for a lot less money.”

I have so enjoyed this cleanse. I tried fruits and vegetables in combinations I never thought possible before. I have come to look forward to my morning green smoothies, as have my children, always suggesting new combinations. I don’t mind the grocery store visits because I am buying great food and for a lot less money. Thank you Stephanie

Jodi D.



“I’ve lost those stubborn 15 pounds”

maryI am so grateful to have been a part of your summer cleanse program. I’ve continued using the tools you shared — meal planning, self-care, delicious raw recipes — and am happy to say that I’m still feeling great! And I’ve lost those stubborn 15 pounds I’d been struggling with for a few years now. So one of the many blessings in my life for which I’m grateful is you!

Mary S.




“I’m sleeping much better.”

MEDown 8 pounds!  I’m sleeping much better and plan to incorporate regular massages and increased exercise into my regimen moving forward. I’m most impressed by my lack of desire for sweet things and carbs in general. Once eliminated, by body just stopped craving them. Fueling with much healthier foods now.

M.E. C.


“I am now healthier and feeling better than I have in years.”

tracyAs a stay-at-home mother of 4 children (all under the age of 7 at this time), I had long been interested in encouraging my family (and myself!) to eat more healthfully. I knew the basic concepts, but I couldn’t put it into practical use.

Through a friend on Facebook, I discovered “The Nutrition Mom” and I attended my very first un-cooking class. I had just recently taken steps to make me and my children gluten and dairy free, so this was exactly what I needed to start in the right direction. I soon signed up as a client. I am now healthier and feeling better than I have in years. It’s not that I thought I felt bad before we started…as a matter of fact, besides being overweight, I thought I felt pretty good…but the improvement I experienced made me realize I had just gotten used to poor health and had become numb to it.

Christy L.


“My husband is down 15 lbs. in 3 weeks.”

kimI was super impressed with the recipes & the privacy of the Renew Cleanse page. My final weight loss was 9 lbs in 3 weeks. My husband is down 15 lbs. I can totally feel the difference with my mood and digestive track. I realize now how real fruit & veggies, no caffeine, no excess sugars or processed foods change the way you feel. It’s amazing the difference between going on a “diet” and just eating healthy nutritious food God gave us.

Kim I.



The more healthy decisions I made, and the more weight I lost, the better I felt.

jasonMy wife and I have triplets.  With being home bound before their births and then 2 months traveling back and forth to the NICU – we ate out a lot and weren’t sleeping very much.  Then people started bringing over food and I hit 265 pounds.  I knew I needed to do something. My energy level had been down and I knew I was going to need a lot of it for my triplets as they get older.

Within the first week of working with Stephanie I had lost about 8 lbs, and the second week I was down about 12!  The more healthy decisions I made, and the more weight I lost, the better I felt. I am currently down 18 lbs and shooting for another 17.

Jason M.


I feel more relaxed, calmer, more in control, and that is priceless!

The first thing you need to know about me is that I am a Registered Dietitian. I have been concerned with food for as long as I can remember (I imagine that is the reason why I chose my profession), but in the last year I have really struggled with my diet and my body.  I was not feeling in control of my food choices, and felt terribly down.  My self-esteem was lowering day by day and my health was being threatened. I had all the knowledge about food, body and healthy eating, but deep in me I knew that the roots of my situation where beyond nutrition and that is where Stephanie made the difference. As a matter of fact, I had contacted Stephanie one year before I began my real process with her, but I needed to find “my moment” to truly commit to the journey.

After three months of close work with Stephanie, I can say that this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I have felt totally supported and encouraged though the process. Now I can look at food in a much more confident way.  I am in control, and whatever the situation is I am empowered to make the right choices. I feel more relaxed, calmer, more in control, and that is priceless!

Privacy Requested


One of the biggest benefits I got was clarity

dianahIt took me about a year to decide to do this cleanse.  I can’t believe I waited this long. And I really do wish I would have started sooner. Why? Why not…it amazes me how much care our body will take care of us if we will just take care of it. It’s like a car that requires maintenance and if you want it to ride smoothly you have to ‘balance’ the tires. One of the biggest benefits I got out of this cleanse was clarity! This hits really close to home with me as my mother suffers from the beast known as Alzheimers. My mind was so much more focused. The recipes were great too. I didn’t try them all of course because this cleanse offers many but what I did try was sooo good.  I’m so glad I can now teach good habits to my daughter, who is on board as well.

Diana H.


I contacted Stephanie last year.  I had no energy and was bedridden.  I had a health scare and it was my wake-up call.  I also had insomnia.  I did not know what to do.  I and those around me questioned if I would be able to work as a teacher again (it was summer time).  I signed up for the packaged Renew Cleanse.  Since that time I took what I learned from the cleanse and made it work for me, my body and my family.  I was able to return to work and had very few problems in the year.   This year I am exercising seriously and rough-housing with my kids.  My family and I have incorporated foods into our diets that I never thought we would and we are feeling the difference that good nutrition can make. I am thankful to have become a part of this program and to have meet Stephanie.



This cleanse opened up a whole new world for me

melissarAfter battling thyroid disease for months and being sent from one doctor to another who wanted to poke and prod me like I was their next science experiment, write me a prescription, and send me on my way, I had reached my breaking point. I was exhausted, frustrated, and my thyroid issue STILL out of control.

My biggest fear with the cleanse was not having enough time to actually follow through with the program. I work full time, go to school part-time, and have a child who participates in many activities, so the last thing I wanted was something else to tend to, but my health was telling me I had nothing to lose.

Stephanie’s plan is laid out for you to SUCEED. It was easy to follow, the recipes delicious, and the support exceptional.

I now have more energy.  For months I was tired, foggy and falling behind in every aspect of my life.  I also learned that when I feel better, I have more patience and can tolerate stress better. I am no longer suffering from stomach issues; my skin is looking better and I even lost a few pounds – something that doesn’t happen too often for those who suffer from an underactive thyroid.

This cleanse opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you Stephanie for teaching me how to invest in myself and my health.

Melissa R.


The cleanse helped me jump start my weight loss

I have never participated in a cleanse before.  I did not know what to expect. A year ago, I had a gastric sleeve procedure for weight loss. This weighed heavily on my decision to do the cleanse, but Stephanie helped me with a list of protein rich foods to incorporate to ensure that I was getting my protein requirements. Although I had lost a significant amount of weight prior to the cleanse, I was at a standstill. The cleanse helped me jump start my weight loss again. I gained a wealth of knowledge during this cleanse that I will carry forward in life to nourish myself, and my grandchildren

Julie L.


maryI’ve lost my cravings for those unhealthy junk foods

This has been a great experience for me. Three weeks ago I would never have thought I’d feel this good. I’ve lost my cravings for those unhealthy junk foods I was always looking for and have a greater awareness of and respect for my body. The recipes introduced me to foods and flavors I would not have dared try before. My husband, a true meat-and-potatoes guy, enjoyed a number of the dishes as well. Who knew! By far, the biggest benefit for me has been the increased energy that I now have. I no longer have that mid-day slump that used to send me straight to caffeine. It’s a wonderful thing! Thank you for your support and encouragement Stephanie!

Mary S.


I have a renewed love and respect for myself

christinThis has been a wonderful adventure. I have a renewed love and respect for myself. I feel so good about loving myself enough to pay attention to caring for my body. I guess after 27 years of caring for everyone else, I forgot what it feels like to be cared for.  I feel that even though I have been spending more time with me, that I have also become more intentional in other relationships and accomplished so many items that have been on the “back burner.”   An added benefit… At my weigh in this morning I let go of 5.9 pounds during the cleanse! Feels great! Thanks to everyone in our group for sharing and inspiring, especially you, Stephanie!

Christin P.


The cleanse experience resulted in significant improvements in my digestion and overall awareness of my body’s needs

The Renew Cleanse was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with my body and take some time to really focus on how food was impacting my body, energy and mindset. Stephanie provided such clear and easy-to-follow instructions, information and recipes which made the cleanse experience very approachable despite my busy schedule as a graduate student and yoga instructor. Although I was eating in a fairly healthy manner prior to the Renew Cleanse, I found that participating in the cleanse experience resulted in significant improvements in my digestion and overall awareness of my body’s needs and reactions to different foods. The structure of the cleanse as well as Stephanie’s enthusiastic, encouraging and relaxed attitude made this such an enjoyable and powerful experience! There was so much value included in the cleanse including the preparation materials, Facebook group, delicious and easy recipes, weekly calls and Stephanie’s wonderful guidance and inspiration. I would definitely consider participating in the Renew Cleanse again and would recommend it to friends and family!

Jei A.


My digestion and sleep are so much better

I loved being on the Renew Cleanse.  I have realized that I have not been mindful about when I am fueling my body. My digestion and sleep are so much better.  I think that most things that we have learned on the Cleanse have become part of my daily schedule and will stay that way.  The biggest revelation during the cleanse has been that I do not have the same cravings and wants as I did 2 short weeks ago. Other lessons learned is to be kind to yourself and change the tone in which you talk to yourself who would of thought fruits and vegetables could teach you that!! 🙂

Anne C.